Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mantra Of Judas - When Love Become Precious *lyric


You’ll be safe here

Between my ribs

I’ll keep this distance, keep away from you

Did you see?, I’m standing here as your gate

Hold from something, something that you don’t realize

We are disbanded from the other

I will try my best, to reach you, and save you

When the sky is watching, protect us from above

I’ll take you gladly

As I give my smile to you, around your hair into your heartbeat

(My smile through your heart)

It’s about my feel, not wrest

Sky will smile, represent me to tell my feel that you don’t know

Forgiving you to the moon

How much I could share my life for you

I hope you think of me, always, forever

Live my life baby, it’s our turn to show it

I’m who want affection, and embrace,

Will always keep you in my..


By : muhammad arifkenzo alif adhisatrio

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